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Adorable little trees. Carefully clipped bonsai are works of art in plant form. These miniature trees look like they belong in a tiny ancient landscape. In fact, bonsai is an ancient art of pruning plants so that they achieve a careful combination of balance and beauty. Grow serenity in your home with a bonsai.
Cute, colorful, and diverse. Cacti and succulents offer a wide range of textural and colorful options for indoor and outdoor decor. The best news is that they are also really easy to care for. You can mix and match them, because they both love a sunny location and little water. Just plant ‘em and love ‘em.
Early-season bold color. Jump-start your spring garden! Infuse your beds, borders, and containers with bright color with the sensational selection of cool-season annuals from Senetti. These robust plants can take unexpected cold snaps and will keep right on blooming.
Showy swirling blooms. If you’re looking for big, bold blooms that infuse your garden with color all summer, ever-blooming hibiscus is your dream plant. These vigorous shrubby plants produce huge, swirling, crepe-paper-like flowers in a paint box of colors. Heat- and sun-loving hibiscus bloom like mad all summer. Their super-large flowers can be seen from faraway, so they’re ideal for curb appeal plantings.
Sculptural (and lucky!) stalks. Lucky bamboo is a fun little plant that’s actually not bamboo at all, but a type of easy-care dracaena. Its long stalks look like little green exclamation points! Reputed to bring good luck, it’s a perfect gift plant. Anyone can grow this plant with success!
Scientific studies have shown plants filter dangerous pollutants (released from chemicals in carpet, paint, cleaning supplies, glue, markers, and cleaning products) from indoor air. Learn which stylish plants are best at keeping your home clean.
Poetry in plant form. Orchids bear exotic and breathtaking blooms that are suspended on slender arching stems. Yet, these plants are among the hardiest and easy to care for. The plants bloom for months! Orchids lend their graceful charms everywhere they grow and are adaptable to any type of décor—from traditional to modern.
The Plants of Steel collection represents some of the easiest houseplants you can grow. They're perfect for beginners, frequent travelers, or folks who have had bad luck with indoor plants in the past. These stylish varieties add the perfect touch of drama to your indoor decor.
Award-winning and gorgeous. Nearly carefree, Knockout is one of the most disease- and pest- resistant roses on the market. And hence its popularity. This amazing rose has won major rose awards as well as the hearts of gardeners because of its brilliant flowering habit and unfussy ways. Knockout is hardy to Zone 5.
Sun-loving impatiens. Impatiens have always been the bright spots of shade gardens, but now there’s an impatiens that also loves the sun: SunPatiens®. Their improved performance allows them to take the heat, thrive in full sun or part shade, and bloom from spring through frost. There are upright and spreading forms—literally an impatiens for anywhere in your yard.
Tropic Escape® hibiscus and mandevilla varieties are showstopping, easy-to-grow plants that give any outdoor space a touch of the tropics. These varieties loves heat and humidity, so they're the perfect solution for adding bold color outside when other plants falter. They thrive in containers, but also grow well when planted directly in the landscape.
 Agastache, also called hyssop, may be hard to pronounce, but it's sure easy to grow! Once established, this rugged, sun-loving perennial blooms its head off throughout the summer, even during pe...

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