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Friday, September 30, 2022 HouseplantsTrending Tropicals®

Are You a Plant Collector?

Costa Farms offers a collectible selection of interesting and unusual houseplants.

Are you a plant collector?
What constitutes a collection? Three, five, ten, one hundred plants? Plant collectors keep pushing the number upward. And that’s okay. Plant collecting is a healthy obsession. Why do you collect? Is it the satisfaction of seeing the long-sought-after Raven ZZ on your kitchen table?

Or do you love the thrill of the hunt? That moment when you spotted a finely fenestrated Monstera deliciosa rising up from a sea of pothos at the garden center.

And then there’s the collector community: discovering like-minded people from all around the world that are as excited as you are about finding the most uniquely colored calathea (Hello Dottie!) or the other worldly Geogenanthus.

Collecting is good for you ;-)
Collecting is fun and having a houseplant collection is also a creative way to feel more connected to the Earth.

A vining Baltic Blue pothos on your bookshelf or a blooming red anthurium in your bathroom are beautiful and easy ways to stay closer to nature while also learning about the cycle of growing plants indoors. And there are so many plants to experience and collect!

Indulge yourself!
If you have a collector personality, you’ll be interested in this collection of houseplants created by Costa Farms. The good news is that you can buy plants online, from the comfort of your sofa. If you’re looking for unique, rare, and surprising houseplants, check out these 22 plants. Feeding your obsession just got a little easier. You’re welcome.

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