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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Houseplants

Tips On Sharing A Home With Pets And Plants

Pets are such an integral part of our families. They bring comfort and joy as well as endless hours of entertainment. 
Whenever you add a plant to your home or landscape, make sure you research its harmful degree, especially if your pet may make contact with it. 

There are a variety of online resources you can use to determine this information; however your best resource is your veterinarian. Not only does your vet know the common plants that can cause your pet to get ill, he also knows if your pet has any allergies or individual health issues that would make your pet sensitive to plants including the ones listed as “non -toxic.”

When researching online, is a great place to start. This site will give you an extensive, though partial list of toxic and non-toxic plants. The ASPCA site also has valuable information and resources on how to care for your pet.

Many animal lovers keep terrariums with reptiles. It is important to note that the plants need to be free from chemicals before introducing them into the habitat. So when it comes to reptiles, it is crucial to consult your vet or the store where the pet was purchased to determine the best supplier of safe, yummy greens for your reptile.

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