3 Flower/Foliage Combos for Sunny Spots

3 Flower/Foliage Combos for Sunny Spots

Sun-loving annual and tropical flowers and foliage offer a colorful options for containers.
Sun-loving annual and tropical flowers and foliage offer a colorful palette of options for containers that can be enjoyed all summer long. See these three colorful ideas for the sunny spots in your yard, garden, or deck.

Pot Up a Tropical Treasure
As an entryway welcomer or a garden centerpiece, this flashy trio of tropical beauties offer flowers and foliage all summer. Start with a large pot and place a Majesty palm at center stage. Then flank this fountain of foliage with flowering pink tropical hibiscus and red mandevilla. The mandevilla will cascade over the edges of the container as the summer progresses.

PLANTING TIP: Experiment with the color scheme by selecting tropical hibiscus in a multitude of flashy colors including yellow, fuchsia, white, orange, and red. Mandevilla produces trumpet-shape flowers in white, red, yellow, and pink. 

Plant Petal Power
Plant a little sunshine! This bold container is filled with cheery sunflowers which offer big yellow-orange petals surrounding nut-brown centers. Sunflowers, also known as helianthus, offer continuous flowers all summer long. Surround them with yellow bidens, a smaller petaled annual and starry white pentas. Trailing sweet potato vine and creeping Jenny offers tresses of foliage.

PLANTING TIP: Container plantings need more water than plants that grow in the ground. Make sure to water regularly (check daily in hot weather) or use a drip emitter to offer continuous hydration.

Create Color Blocks
Containers don’t have to be complicated if you select plants for their growth habits: tall, medium, and a trailing variety. This simple planting design yields a multitude of beautiful results. In this planter Song of India dracaena reigns as the height component with a swath of big-leaf caladium in the center and a lovely lacy skirting of scaevola at the base.

PLANTING TIP: Create a flower and foliage privacy screen by choosing tall, sun-loving options such as snake plant, hibiscus, and eugenia.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson