A Rainbow of Possibilities

A Rainbow of Possibilities

Open up to a new world of plant decor with colorful cacti.
Purple cacti?

People either love them or hate them!

That’s the response I’ve received from my gardening friends whenever I mention artificially colored plants such as Desert Gems.

Sure, they come in a dazzling array of bright colors that don’t occur naturally in nature, but that’s no reason to dismiss them. In fact, I think that plants such as colorful Desert Gems open a whole new world of decorating possibilities, especially for kids who want to personalize their bedrooms. They also make cool party tabletop decorations.

The cacti used to create Desert Gems have short, soft spines that you can handle without having to look for the nearest Band-aid. 

They come in a variety of jewel tones and are very collectable. My wife and I love to mix and match them to create different patterns. At Christmas, for example, we alternated red and green Desert Gems down the center of our holiday table. They were gorgeous and drew lots of complements from our guests.

Of course, the other thing I love about Desert Gems cacti is how easy they are to care for. Because they are members of the cactus family they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Set them in a sunny spot and give the plants a drink every 10 to 14 days and they’ll be just fine.

Desert Gems grow slowly so you won’t have to worry about them losing their colorful coating. New growth, when it finally occurs, will be green.