All Thumbs Are Green

All Thumbs Are Green

We believe that all thumbs are green. Let us help you uncover yours!
Do you have a green thumb? The answer is Yes! And when you grow a plant indoors or in your garden or yard, you prove it. Whether you're experienced with planting or have yet to get started, we're here to help you uncover your green thumb.

Plants improve your life
We know that plants improve life. Lots of scientific studies demonstrate that being around green things makes you happier, more productive, and at peace. The great news is that plants are easy to grow. We promise! Look at your hands. Do you see a green thumb? Look harder. You have two of them. It’s in your DNA, just like it is ours. You are ready.

Our Green Thumb Manifesto
We’ve been growing for 61 years and have seen a lot of changes in the world of horticulture. Now, we’re excited to unveil a brand new look for Costa Farms! We’re committed to growing healthy indoor and outdoor plants, and now we’re emphasizing our commitment to helping you enjoy a more successful relationship with your plants. See our Green Thumb Manifesto!

We support your plant journey
We believe—we know!—all thumbs are green, so we invite you to join us on your plant journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you have decades of experience like us, you can count on us to share our knowledge, passion, and plants with you.

Whether you love fashion-forward houseplants like those in our Trending Tropicals collection, enjoy the colors and textures of low-water cacti and succulents in our Desert Escape collection, can’t get enough of our Exotic Angel Plants collection, or stick with tried-and-true performers, we have solutions for you.

Plants help you grow
Studies at major universities show simply being near nature makes you happier, more productive, and healthier. Grow your mind with a new hobby, a best friend, and your own little piece of the Earth. A houseplant can be all that—and more!

Plant enhance your home
Plants also solve decorating dilemmas, filling an area with freshness and life. Indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. You can enjoy them hanging from windows, cascading from footed containers, or filling awkward narrow spots. If you need a little spot of color, try a colorful aglaonema. Houseplants are the paint on your palette.

We find new plants for your home

Our Plant Hunter travels the world for new species and varieties of plants. Go behind the scenes with him to discover what goes into finding your favorite new houseplant varieties and getting them to you—including those in our Trending Tropicals Collection.
Meet Mike Rimland and hear about his plant-hunting travels.

Grow something new
Geo is a brand new plant to most of the houseplant world. If you’re an in-the-know plant person, you know what a big deal that is. The New York Times just called Geo the new “it” plant. It’s trendy and new, but Geo isn’t a diva. It isn’t hard to grow—even for a first-time plant owner. It likes medium to bright light and regular watering. (Geo likes moist but not soggy-wet soil). Its chocolate-purple leaves really stand out—and accent any décor from modern to farmhouse.

Get planting and care tips from our Podcast
Grow and enjoy beautiful houseplants! In each episode of Plant Rx, our houseplants podcast, hosts Justin and Michelle answer common questions about plants and plant care, tackle common myths, and share their combined decades of experience with indoor plants. Tune into each episode to hear the duo solve houseplant dilemmas. And ask your own questions by submitting them at!

You can see us everywhere
Stay tuned for tips and inspiration in all the popular social channels. Look for tips, planting ideas, decor suggestions from our horticulturists, growers, Plant Hunter, and friends. And remember, we’re here to help—so don’t hesitate to reach out with your plant questions.