Creative Containers With Regional Appeal

Creative Containers With Regional Appeal

Add regional appeal for your containers by choosing salvaged items that have a sense of place. 
I love traveling around the country, taking note of how gardeners in different states give their containers a regional flare. For example, in Charleston, SC, I found a host of gorgeous window boxes and planters that fit perfectly with the formal style of that historic city. Copper and stone containers mounted on iron fences and gates looked right at home in front of the antebellum homes.

But I have to admit that my favorite containers can be found in the great state of Maine. I’ve documented some amazing containers from the Pine Tree state that I shared a year or so ago, but this past summer we found a pair of cool containers that just screamed MAINE in capital letters. We spotted them outside of Becky’s Diner, a well-known Portland, Maine restaurant that specializes in lobster (of course). So, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that when we arrived we found two lobster packing crates in the parking lot filled with colorful blooms. One crate literally overflowed with pink verbena, yellow osteospermum, dark blue lobelia, and a touch of purple delphinium

Then, as we turned the corner we discovered a second lobster crate, only this one held a mass of fuzzy licorice plant, Helicrysum petiolare, in front of a bright ribbon of yellow osteospermum.Because the crates didn’t have solid bottoms, the owners set plastic shipping containers inside the wooden lobster boxes (drainage holes were added to the bottom). You could certainly see the plastic containers, but I don’t think they took away from the overall effect.

The weatherworn rope handles and the word LOBSTERS painted on the side added to the seaside decor. I think these rustic lobster crates prove that no matter where you live, you can celebrate your region by planting flowers in local salvage.

Branded cookie tins, watering cans, minnow buckets, poultry feeders, and livestock troughs are just a few examples of things you can use to create one-of-a-kind container gardens.