Elevate Your Space

Elevate Your Space

Express yourself with unusual (and photogenic) houseplants.
If you are searching for a way to express yourself as well as a way to elevate the style of your interior spaces this season, look no further than by adding some new (and unusual) houseplants.

With so many noteworthy and photogenic species and variety introductions, you can choose from plants with colorful foliage and flowers, large and textural leaves, and interesting overall shapes.

Accent with color
Express your personal style with the plants you choose for your home. Choose Instagramable options such as red-flowering anthuriums, whose thick, leathery blooms (actually called spaths), last for weeks. Red Emerald or Siam Aurora Aglaonema offers green leaves with splashes of red and white. Geogenanthus, a new species to the indoor plant world, features large, round, dark purple-brown leaves – and a very unusual look. Or try Calathea Dottie which features dark leaves with electric hot pink splashes.

Get leafy and textural
Plants with large leaves garner a lot of attention indoors. Monstera deliciosa has big leaves with attractive splits and cuts – a coveted look. If you love fenestration (leaf holes), check out Monstera Esqueleto for an exotic option. Alocasia Silver Dragon (their big leaves are also called elephant ears) features large, heart-shaped leaves with silvery veins.

Choose shapely plants
Some plants stand out because of the way they grow. For example, the braided trunk of money tree is topped with a tousle of almond-shaped leaves. This plant stands tall indoors like a little tree. Or consider this: Shingle plant grows upward, using a plank to climb, while its leaves tightly overlap each other, looking like living shingles.

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson