Festive Plants for Valentine's

Festive Plants for Valentine's

Beautiful, easy-to-grow houseplants are perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. The indoor plant experts are Costa Farms share their favorites!
I'm a little biased since I'm such a plant fanatic, but I've always thought houseplants make for one of the most thoughtful and fun gifts you can give -- especially for a holiday like Valentine's Day. Wine and chocolate are great, but you only get to enjoy them once. Cut flowers are gorgeous options, but they only give you enjoyment for a week or two.

Indoor plants, on the other hand, can look great for years with good care -- and most get bigger and better as they grow. Why not give a gift that gets better over time?! 

Indoor plants have a reputation for being hard to care for, but happily, that's not necessarily the case if you pick the right plant for your recipient. Learn about a plant's needs from its tag -- or look it up in our Plant Finder!

If you need plant ideas, here are some of our favorites:

Anthurium: This plant looks like it's all about love! Both the leaves and flowers are heart-shaped. And, if you give it enough light (such as on a bright window sill), you can get anthurium to flower on and off all year long with only regular watering. 

Phalaenopsis Orchids: Stylish and elegant only begin to describe phalaenopsis orchids...but you can also add easy! These stunning indoor plants require only normal care (regular watering and a medium-bright spot). The flowers last for weeks and your orchid will bloom again next year.

Desert Gems Cactus: Desert Gems cacti come in all kinds of wonderful colors, but if you're a traditionalist, why not look for the red and pink ones for Valentine's Day? These easy-care houseplants like bright light and need only occasional watering to thrive.

Red Aglaonema: Perhaps our favorite houseplant, red aglaonema is colorful all year long and one of the easiest houseplants you'll ever grow. Seriously! You can keep it in just about any room of your home that gets light -- natural or artificial -- for several hours a day. It doesn't have to be super bright; just enough for you to read a book without having to supplement with extra light. And as far as watering goes, water red aglaonema when you can; it can go a few weeks without water and still thrive. house