Geo: The New "It" Plant

Geo: The New "It" Plant

The New York Times has decreed: Geogenanthus (aka Geo) is the new “It” plant.
The New York Times has decreed: Geo is the new “It” plant.

Writer Melissa Kirsch says “Is my head turned by the latest “It” plant, the purple-black lacquered stunner Geogenanthus ciliatus, known as Geo, that’s allegedly poised to grace the hottest (but not too hot — Geos prefer indirect sunlight) windowsills near me?”

Spoiler alert: She is smitten. Read the whole article here.

The look
Geo has shiny, thick, dark chocolate-purple round leaves. It’s a low-growing moundy plant, but will spread up and out a bit once it gets some growth. The leaves will get bigger, too. And while the name might be a mouthful to say (Geogenanthus), it’s easy to grow. Geo thrives in medium to bright light. But if you are a forgetful waterer, take note: Geo is a thirsty plant. Geo likes consistently moist (but not wet!) soil and will wilt if allowed to go dry. But it pops back to life when you water it. But for a healthy plant, (and if you love Geo), you’ll need to add a reminder on your calendar to check soil moisture often. 

The buzz
Costa Farmer planter hunter, Mike Rimland, had never seen anything like Geo when he first saw it in Southeast Asia. He said it was like something you’d see on Mars. (Hear Geo’s origin story from Mike.)

In fact, Geo is not only unusual, but it's the first new houseplant genus introduction in more than two decades. That’s a big deal.

Even the horticultural world is abuzz. Geo won the “Best New Foliage” at the Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) last year. So if you want something new and exciting (not to mention other worldly), pick up a Geo. (You can order one online right here.)

Read more about Geo care here.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson