Give the Gift of Green

Give the Gift of Green

Indoor plants make beautiful (and easy!) gifts for the holiday.
It used to be that giving food—assorted chocolates, a smoked ham, a big tin of cookies, a bottle of bubbly was a safe gift for the holiday. But dietary restrictions and food allergies (we’re looking at you nuts, sugar, gluten, meat, dairy, soy, and alcohol), means that buying food for the holidays can be a minefield of mistakes and missteps.

But plants are beloved with everyone. Because houseplants have no bad habits. Plus, many actually do good, by cleansing the air and emitting oxygen. So giving them as a gift for the holidays is not only a lovely gesture, but it’s a safe and caring option. 

Here are three gorgeous plants that make ideal holiday gifts.


Moth orchids are one part plant, one part sculpture, and one part magic. Plants have broad glossy green leaves from which slender stems topped with winged flowers sprout. The flowers bloom one after another, holding their flowers for weeks.

Who to buy for: The decorator, the collector, the lover of the tropics

Norfolk Island pine

It looks like a little Christmas tree (although not a true pine), this pine-tree-lookalike grows 200 feet tall in its native land. Read more about how we grow this amazing plant.

Who to buy for: The tree hugger, the terrarium fan, the kid in all of us


These plants are so interesting, they don’t even need flowers. Succulents have been the darling of the horticultural world for a while now. And even those who don’t know a lick about plants love these adorable, textural, slow-growing plants. You can place them on a table at dinner, on a sunny window in your kitchen, in a grouping on your back patio. There’s no where (except a dark room) that they plucky little plants can’t improve.

Who to buy for: the college student, the new apartment dweller, the trendster, the dinner-party giver