Houseplants in Vintage Vessels

Houseplants in Vintage Vessels

Vintage style and houseplants go so well together. Discover some great pairings. 
I’m a collector. Of many things. I love vintage style and I love plants, so it only makes sense that I pair them together in my home.

When I fell in love with a silver bowl from a Miami hotel that I found in our local antiques shop, I knew it was going to be the perfect vessel for a columnea in our spare bedroom. The squat shape, the urnlike handles, the silver sparkle: perfect.

A colorful coffee tin is a great vintage vessel to show off the charms of a houseplant. The red color sets off the green-and-white leaves of a spider plant.  

Most vintage containers won’t have drainage holes, so place the plant in its growers pot inside the container (like a cachepot). Just be careful to not overwater. No houseplant likes to sit with its roots in water.

Look for vintage finds in your garage, attic, and basement. Tea kettles, old watering cans, tins, sap buckets, soup tureens, champagne buckets are just a few vintage containers that will make excellent houseplant containers.

From high-style silver to rustic terra cotta, vintage containers are ideal vessels for houseplants.

What are your favorite combinations of vintage containers with houseplants?