How Red Aglaonema Helped Sell My House

How Red Aglaonema Helped Sell My House

Houseplants beat fresh flowers when staging a home sale. 
My husband Doug and I sold our house a couple years ago. We’d lived in this old farm house for more than 30 years. So when we decided to sell it, we had 30-plus years of accumulations to sort through. Yikes!

Our house was built in 1910 and we’d done several additions on both sides of the house. The house had a lot of rooms and we’d experimented with a series of color palettes on the walls over the years. In staging the house for sale, we decided it needed a clean, fresh, and modern look—so painted the walls white. The house felt big, airy, and beautiful.

The house has wood floors and lots of wood work, and our furnishings were very neutral as well (old cabinets, leather couches, understated rugs). We needed some pops of color give the right first impression. So we added houseplants to every room. Not only do plants add life to a room, they also make a house feel friendly.

Our go-to plant was red aglaonema because it's an easy-care houseplant and the red-tone leaves added rich color in the rooms. We placed one on the dining room table. One in the living room by a window. And one on a plant stand in the foyer.

The great thing about using houseplants instead of cut-flower bouquets is that houseplants look great day after day without fuss. No water to change, no dead blooms to remove. When our realtor scheduled a showing, we stepped out of our house which was now spared down, cleaned up, and alive with colorful plants. 

Oh, and BTW, we sold our house in 6 days. Thanks red ag!