Norfolk Island Pine for the Holidays

Norfolk Island Pine for the Holidays

11 reasons to use this plucky little tree in your holiday decor.
Here are 11 reasons to use Norfolk Island pines in your holiday decor. See our shopper's guide. 

1. A Norfolk Island pine is a cost-effective holiday tree, compared to the cost of a fresh cut, live, or artificial tree.

2. Norfolk Island pines come in various sizes (from small to tall) but always sport a nice compact tree shape. You can buy Norfolk Island pines in several pot sizes -- from those that fit nicely on a table top to larger plants that could sit on the floor.

3. Costa Farms’ Norfolk Island pines feature multiple cuttings per pot, so your plant will grow like a little forest rather than just a single stem. 

4. Norfolk Island pines are slow growing, so your plant won’t overgrow its space quickly. Or need repotting.

5. Norfolk Island pines have short and super-soft needles.

6. Norfolk Island pines can be decorated with lights, ornaments, and garland – just like a Christmas tree.

7. Norfolk Island pines can be used all year: it looks lovely unadorned, but it can become your resident “holiday” tree: think sparkles for New Year’s, little hearts for Valentine’s Day, eggs and chicks for Easter, etc.

8. Norfolk Island pines are super easy to care for. Grow your plant in a medium to bright light. Keep in mind that the less light it gets, the slower it will grow. But avoid very low-light situations. If it doesn't get enough light (natural or artificial), your Norfolk Island pine will become spindly. In summer, this little tree can live outdoors.

9. Norfolk Island pines won’t drop needles all over your house.

10. Norfolk Island pines don’t have to be thrown away after the holidays.

11. Norfolk Island pines aren’t excessively thirsty. Hint: but don’t let this plant go bone dry -- that’s a deal breaker.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson