Nurture the Nurturer: Create Mother’s Day Memories

Nurture the Nurturer: Create Mother’s Day Memories

For all the nurturers in your life, say thanks in leafy and colorful ways. 
For all the nurturers in your life, say thanks and offer gratitude in leafy and colorful ways. Plants are living and long lasting, and they say thank you over and over again. Here are ways to celebrate the care of the special people who support and nurture you.

1. Give a Living Plant
Choose a living plant as a nurture-the-nurturer gift.

A Zip of Color: Calathea Dottie
This gorgeous calathea offers unusual dark, purple-green leaves that are accented with flashy hot-pink variegation. Dottie is as beautiful as she is easy to care for. This plant grows 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide and thrives happily in medium to bright indirect light. It is an ideal plant for new plant owners or collectors who want a colorful addition to a room or their plant collection. Dottie combines well with other calathea varieties (see them all here) or with other all-green-leafing houseplants. Buy it now!

A Little Heart: Hoya Heart
Show what’s in your heart with a heart-shape hoya leaf plants. This type of hoya (Hoya kerrii) says Happy Mother’s Day everyday. The rooted single leaf thrives best in the light of an east- or west-facing window. It is slow growing so it keeps its heart shape. This little beauty combines well with succulents. Buy it now!

Blooms and Leaves: Peace Lily

These plants feature long-lasting white calla-like flowers that are borne on tall stems above dark glossy spear-shape green leaves. Peace lily is one of the easiest plants to grow and thrive in all light locations, however plants produce flowers best when grown in high light. Buy it now!

2. Host a Brunch
A porch or patio is the perfect venue for a flower-filled Mother’s Day brunch. And when you decorate with festive plants and flowers, it's more memorable. See how to create a flower-filled brunch.

3. Celebrate Your Plants! They Have Mothers, Too
Did you know that your plants have Mothers, too? Read how we propagate plants from healthy and productive Mother plants so that your plants are happy, healthy, and exactly the same (genetically) as its Mother.