Orchids for Healthy Zzzzzzs

Orchids for Healthy Zzzzzzs

Do you have trouble sleeping? Maybe you need a bedside orchid!
Do you have trouble sleeping?

There are lots of natural remedies for dropping into sleepy land including drinking a warm cup chamomile tea before bedtime, mind-clearing, deep-breathing meditation exercises, and the soothing sound of white noise to help block out street noise.

Add to that list: an orchid on your bed stand.

While you sleep (or attempting to nod off), orchids are doing what they do best every day: naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Having a little oxygen producer in your bedroom is a great thing.

Plus, orchids are beautiful. Moth orchids have beautiful wide petals and come in a range of colors from pure white to pink, yellow, fushcia, and blooms with splotches and splashes of mixed color. Lovely.

Orchids are easy care too. (The last thing you need to see before you go to bed is a plant that is needy.) No problems here. Orchids require little care—just a bit a water every week.

And they are quite the overachievers when it comes to bloom time—flowers can last up to 6 weeks. And you can get orchids to rebloom when they are done.

If you are looking for ways to bring health and happiness to your life, orchids may be able to help you out.

You’re welcome, and good night.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson