Trending Tropicals®: A Houseplant Hunters’ Dream Collection

Trending Tropicals®: A Houseplant Hunters’ Dream Collection

Are you looking for a houseplant that is different, unexpected, and rare? See what’s new (and exclusive!) in our exciting new houseplant collection. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Are you a houseplant collector? Then you’re always on the hunt for a new addition to your indoor plant collection. That’s why you’ll be super excited to meet some of the new plants in our Trending Tropicals® houseplant collection.

A curated collection
Hand selected by a team of plant hunters (led by plantsman Mike Rimland), this collection of super-unique houseplants hails from locations around the world—South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. “Plant hunting is kind of like discovering a needle in a haystack. It’s not just about discovering a new leaf color or shape,” says Rimland. “It’s more about finding plants that will be successful for the home gardener.” We source our plants from breeders and plant collectors who are as excited about these new discoveries as we are. Of course, all plants are collected ethically; we never take plants from the wild.

From exotic locations but bred for your home 
All the plants in the Trending Tropicals® collection have been bred and tested to flourish in homes like yours. Each has its own light and care requirements (as all houseplants do), but this group of plants are selected because not only are they unique, but they are also fairly easy to  care for, so even a new houseplant owner can successfully grow and love these exciting new varieties. 

Rare and thrilling (and limited release)
Some varieties in the Trending Tropicals® collection are so rare they’ll only be available for a limited time. We’ll try to keep up with the demand, of course. And as we discover new and unique varieties, we’ll add them to the Trending Tropicals® collection. When you think exotic, rare, and noteworthy, you’ll automatically know to check the lineup of Trending Tropicals®.

Where to find Trending Tropicals® 

You may have seen these new plants in social media from far-flung places, but now there are here. And you can find them at these retailers. 

Network Calathea
Network is an exclusive new patented variety we found in Europe that features boldly veined leaves. Calathea lovers are already smitten, because Network brings a whole new color scheme (dark green + chartreuse) and intricate pattern (tiny irregular rectangles repeating and repeating in a wild frenzy). Network is best gazed upon from up close, so you can appreciate the design motif. These beautiful plants add color and drama to any room in your home. Place Network in low to high light. Calatheas like a little more moisture than most other houseplants, so make sure they never get too dry. Keep plants moist, but never wet or soggy.  Read more about Network.

Raven® ZZ
We can barely keep up with questions about when these plants will be in the garden centers. Wait no more; that time has arrived! What’s the excitement about? Raven® ZZ is a trendy new variety that features purple-black leaves. Black is an exotic new color in houseplants in general, and in ZZ (Zamioculcas) plants specifically. These plants add style to modern decor with their unique color palette and upright form. An added characteristic is that the new growth of this plant starts as lime-green and matures to exotic dark. The good news is that Raven® is as easy to grow as its glossy, green-leafed cousins: all ZZ plants are revered for their ability to thrive and flourish in the lowest light. But you can also grow Raven® in sunny spots where you can admire its exotic beauty. Read more about Raven®.

Little Fiddle Fig
When it comes to houseplants, bigger isn’t always better. For example, one of the most exciting new introductions in our Trending Tropicals line up, is a tidy, compact Fiddle leaf fig, called Little Fiddle. When Fiddle leaf ficus (Ficus lyrata) took the houseplant world by storm a couple of years ago, it was dubbed the “It” plant. Crack open any home decor magazine and you’ll see this big beauty in trendy homes from Austin to Australia. This miniature version features the big bold leaves of its larger cousin, but its small size makes it the ideal size desks and tabletops. Over time, Little Fiddle Fig matures to an adorable small tree about 4 feet tall. Read more about Little Fiddle. 

Little Swiss Monstera adansonii
Little Swiss is an exciting option for monstera lovers who may not have space for the big, bold Monstera deliciosa. This easy-growing plant has a vining growth habit and plants can scramble up or down up to 6 feet. The small split leaves are like Swiss cheese, where this plant gets its name. The tribe of Monstera fans are going to be all over this new plant addition. (#MonsteraMonday is a growing hashtag on Instagram if you want to hang out online with like-minded monstera-obsessed plant owners.) Monstera-leaf motif is everywhere: fabrics, housewares, jewelry. Now you can have a small version of this big favorite. Little Swiss thrives best in medium to high light. Then top inch of soil dries to the touch, add water. Read more about Little Swiss.