Trending Tropicals®: Meet Network Calathea

Trending Tropicals®: Meet Network Calathea

Network calathea is so special, it has earned its own patent. See why!
Sold exclusively by Costa Farms in North America, Network calathea is a plant lover’s delight. This gorgeous newcomer to our Trending Tropicals® line develops a full, bushy crop of showy foliage sporting an eye-popping green and yellow mosaic pattern. In fact, Network calathea is so special, it’s earned its own patent. 

Network Fact
Like other calatheas, Network takes a little extra effort to keep it happy. That’s because it thrives best in a warm, humid atmosphere, something many homes don’t have. So, for best results set your plant on a layer of pebbles in a water-filled tray. As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity level around your plant. Just be sure the plant is not sitting directly in the water. 

Network Calathea Care
It likes bright, indirect light away from the direct rays of the sun. It also likes warm temperatures so keep your plant away from drafty windows or doors during the winter. Water whenever the soil just begins to feel dry to the touch -- avoid letting the plants dry out completely. It also helps to use distilled or rainwater. If you use tap water let it stand overnight before using. Feed with a dilute solution of liquid houseplant fertilizer once a month during spring and summer.

Network Use
Just imagine coming home to the cheerful foliage of Network calathea displayed on your kitchen table or bedroom. These beautiful plants will add color and drama to any room in your home as long as there’s enough light. What’s more, Network calathea will help purify the air in your home.

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Written by Doug Jimerson