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Beautiful and textural succulents are prized for their versatility in the garden. 
Beautiful and textural sedums are prized for their versatility in the garden. These rugged little perennials are ideal for beds, borders, containers, rooftops, and vertical gardens. And, because they are so compact and adaptable, you can squeeze sedums between other perennials, use them as a groundcover, or pack them into any nook and corner of your backyard.

Site Succulent Sedums in Sun
Caring for sedums is a snap. In fact, they seem to thrive on neglect, making them an ideal choice for hot, dry locations with poor soil. An occasional light watering, right after you plant them, is all they require. However, sedums are sun-worshippers, so try to locate them where they will receive at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunshine a day. Sedums can tolerate light shade, but they won’t grow as quickly.

Plant for the Long Run
If you are planting your sedums directly in the ground, be sure to check the plant label to be sure the plant you are buying is winter hardy in your zone. Many sedums can tolerate very cold temperatures, but there are some that will die if temperatures drop well below zero.

Go for Groundcovers
Succulent sedums make great groundcovers because they spread by underground roots, creating a natural, weed-free barrier that helps hold the soil in place on slopes and embankments.

Corral in Containers
Available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors, sedums are fun to mix and match in almost any type of container. Just be sure the pot or planter you choose has drainage holes in the bottom. Sedums require good drainage and don’t survive in wet, mucky soil. Another great thing about sedums is that if you plant them in containers, you can bring some types indoors during the winter and enjoy them year-round. Set them in a sunny window and water once or twice a month and they will do great.

Edge a Pathway
Soften the look of a brick or stepping stone walkway, by interplanting sedums between the pavers. Or, accent the walkway with a ribbon of brightly colored sedums planted on each side.

Go Vertical
Camouflage an unsightly wall or fence with a vertical garden brimming with colorful sedum varieties. It’s really simple. Build a wooden frame, tack chicken wire across the front of it and fill with soil and moss. Then, just tuck the succulents through the wire into the soil and hang it up.

Written by Doug Jimerson