What’s Your Plant Personality?

What’s Your Plant Personality?

Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. By Karen Weir-Jimerson
By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Pick the perfect plant for your personality! 

Your profile: You like clean consistency and good lines.
Best plant: Snake plant
Why you are meant for each other: Also called Snake Plant, this agave relative offers easy-care and sculptural good looks. The tall, thick, spearlike leaves impart color, texture, and a consistent verti­cal growth habit. No flopping, no drama, just gorgeous controlled performance. It’s clean modern architecture in plant form. Line them up on a window in match­ing containers and en­joy the quiet symmetry.

Your profile: It’s not that you’re forgetful -- you just have the tendency to put off things.
Best plant: Succulents
Why you are meant for each other: Fleshy, colorful succulents are engineered to be easy care. Their tolerant nature means they’ll forgive your forgetful watering ways. Succulents store their own hydration in their leaves, stems and roots, which gives them their distinctive thick-leafed, fleshy appearance. This humble houseplant will become an instant family member because it exudes so much laid-back personality. Although succulents don’t need the spotlight, they do like high-light locations.

Your profile: You love fashion and a little flirty fun.
Best plant: Moth Orchid
Why you are meant for each other: This long-flowering houseplant offers a flirty spray of exotic flowers that stay in bloom for up to three months. (Can cut flowers do that?) Flowers bloom in a range of glowy colors: white, light pink, fuchsia and yellow. Some have showy splashes and spots. Beautiful! Moth orchids are the perfect accessory for any décor style—from Miami modern to New York eclectic. She likes indirect sunlight and regular watering. For all her beauty, Moth Orchid isn’t a prima donna. She’s one of the easiest orchids to grow.

Your profile: You’re on the road (or in the air) for business or pleasure. So you have a hard time keeping up with your friends—much less your plants.
Best plant: ZZ plant
Why you are meant for each other: No matter where your travels take you, this patient plant will welcome you home with a fanfare of foliage. ZZ won’t ever send you on a guilt trip for being left alone so long. He’s one of the strongest plants on the market. He thrives in low light and requires sporadic watering—but isn’t needy and demanding. Whether you are there or not ZZ grows, flourishes and is a true survivor.