Why Your Apartment Could Use a Houseplant or Two

Why Your Apartment Could Use a Houseplant or Two

Make your apartment cozier and healthier with beautiful houseplants. 
Whether you have the perfect apartment or are yearning for an upgrade, one easy way to make it even better is to add a beautiful houseplant or two. Sound a little old-fashioned? No way! There are lots of cool reasons to have houseplants. 

Choose from hundreds of different varieties, so there's a perfect plant for your look. From a classic, green variety to one that’s super textural and colorful, it’s easy to pick the perfect plant.

But there's more than just their good looks. Air-purifying houseplants pull harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air. These VOCs can have a negative effect on. Your health, especially if you're exposed to them for long periods of time. The more energy-efficient a building is, the more likely it is to trap VOCs.

Houseplants also add a touch of nature to your apartment. Scientific research shows this can bring you big benefits. For example, having houseplants reduces stress and blood pressure. They transform your apartment into your personal sanctuary.

If you can't have a pet, a houseplant offers the next best thing. With regular care, your houseplant will grow and thrive. Most good houseplants are relatively long-lived, making them long-term companions.

And having a houseplant is probably easier than you think. On average, they need watering about once a week (check the soil and apply water when the top inch is dry). Repot houseplants every few years. A splash of fertilizer in spring and summer helps, but isn't necessary for your plants to survive.

Written by Justin Hancock