Plant Care

We're Here to Help Your Plants Thrive 🌱!

Bringing greenery into your home is a wonderful way to lift your spirits and purify your indoor air. But keeping your new plant babies happy and healthy can feel daunting, especially for beginner plant parents. Not to worry: we have you covered with robust plant care support through two easy options:

Our Plant Care Support Team

Our team of plant care experts is available to answer any questions about your new plants and provide tips to help them thrive. Reach out to us via our Support Center and we'll promptly lend a helping leaf!

Greg - Your AI Plant Care Assistant

We've also partnered with Greg, an intelligent plant care mobile app that provides personalized plant care reminders and guidance. Just input details about your plants and Greg will use AI to track your plants' needs based on factors like seasons, location, and species. Greg will send you custom notifications about watering, fertilizing, and optimal light positioning.

With Greg as your around-the-clock digital plant whisperer, you'll have all the tools needed to become an indoor garden guru! Questions? The thriving Costa Farms community on Greg is ready to help get your new green friends off to the healthiest start. Let's grow happy together!