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Yes, kindly send us an email promptly within 12 hours of placing your order to questions@costafarms.com, with the subject headline “CANCEL ORDER” and our team will help you with the cancellation process. Please expect an email confirmation from our team with further updates on the procedure. If you purchased from any other website (Amazon, Lowes.com, etc.), then you will need to contact that retailer directly.

Yes, please send us an email so that our team can update your address. When sending your inquiry to questions@costafarms.com with subject headline “UPDATE MY ORDER”, kindly include the order number and the updated information for reference.

Our expert team carefully considers plant type, season, and your location to pack your new plant securely. This might include a heat pack for extra warmth (it'll arrive in a white packet beside or underneath the pot). Heat packs should be disposed of upon arrival. If your plant needs a little TLC upon arrival, don't worry! Just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Plant Care

To repot a plant, you'll need potting soil mix, a pot, water, and gloves. First, prepare by laying a layer of potting mix in the pot. Then, gently remove the plant from its current pot, loosening the roots if necessary. Check the roots and loosen the root ball if it's root-bound. Place the plant in the new pot, filling in around it with soil. Water thoroughly until it drains from the bottom. Avoid fertilizing right after repotting, especially in fall; wait until early spring instead. Check out our repotting blog for more. https://costafarms.com/blogs/get-growing/repotting-houseplants

  1. Most of the plants in our online plant shop have been grown for indoor use and do best indoors. 
    We do offer outdoor plants during specific seasons. Plant Annuals and Tropical Plants after your area’s last spring frost date. Most Perennials are more cold-resistant and may be planted even if your area experiences a light frost or two. 

Tips: Arrange plants in the bed or pot beforehand, considering spacing based on the plant’s mature size. Ensure they receive enough sunlight; at least 6 hours a day is best for “full sun” plants. Water plants before removing them from pots and loosen tightly packed root balls. Plant in a hole slightly larger than the root ball and water thoroughly afterward. Use quality potting mix for container plants, preferably with slow-release fertilizer.

Proper watering is crucial for plant health, but it's easy to over or underdo it. Different plants have varying water needs; for instance, succulents may only require watering once or twice a month, while peace lilies and ferns may need weekly watering. Most houseplants benefit from watering every 8-10 days but adjust based on your environment. Use these guidelines for watering amounts based on container size. Consider environmental factors like temperature, as the soil dries slower in cooler conditions and faster in warmer ones. Always check soil moisture before watering and avoid letting plants sit in standing water for too long.

  1. We have a partnership with the Greg App where you have access to a plant community and reminders to when it's time to water your plant and more. You can get a free 3-month subscription when you order from costafarms.com.
  2. To get your 3 months free, first scan the QR code included in the box with your plant, and then sign up following the steps in the Greg App. (wait for your order to arrive before installing the app). 
  3. If you installed and signed up for the Greg App without scanning the QR code first, please delete the app, scan the QR code, and then sign up to obtain your three months free.



Your plants will thrive in their current setup with the plant remaining in the plastic grower pot for drainage. Place this pot inside the decorative pot without holes to protect surfaces. After watering, ensure no excess water has drained into the decorative pot to prevent issues with overwatering.

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