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Plant Care Tips

Light for Houseplants Light for Outdoor Plants Watering Houseplants Watering Outdoor Plants The Wick & Grow® Self-Wat...

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

If you love houseplants, but occasionally forget to water them, chose varieties that thrive on neglect. Here are ten great indoor plants ...

Nurture the Nurturer: Create Mother’s Day Memories

For all the nurturers in your life, say thanks in leafy and colorful ways. 

Eco-Friendly Choices on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day every day with sustainable gardening choices. See how.

About Plant Patents

It can be confusing to see a plant tag say "propagation prohibited." Learn more about plant patents and why tags have to say this.

How to Make Gift Plants Last Longer

Discover water, light, and other tips for keeping new plants looking their best.

Mixing Trending Tropicals® Houseplants

Discover creative ways to combine Trending Tropicals® houseplants.

Yellow Leaves: Can This Plant Be Saved?

Yellow leaves look lovely on autumn trees. But if your green-leafed houseplants are yellowing up, it’s time to take action.

5 Easy Tips for Dracaena Care

Keep your dracaenas in top shape by doing these 5 things.

5 Reasons Why I Love Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo, a twisty-turny draceana, is like a living piece of art. Oh, and it's super easy to grow, too. 

The New It Plant: Pilea Sharing Plant™

If you’ve been shopping garden centers, leafing through magazines, or watching social media blitzes, you’ve been seeing a familiar face: ...

Create a Tiny Garden

If you’re a fan of home improvement shows on cable TV, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the Tiny House movement. But what about...

Air Plants Are Fun, Quirky, and Easy

Air plants are probably the least demanding houseplants you can grow.

Snake Plant: Artistic Appeal Around the World

The sculptural, minimalist style of snake plant spans the globe. 

A Plethora of Pothos Varieties

Did you know pothos comes in a bunch of different varieties? By Justin Hancock

A Rainbow of Possibilities

Open up to a new world of plant decor with colorful cacti.

How Red Aglaonema Helped Sell My House

Houseplants beat fresh flowers when staging a home sale. 

Get a Fresh Start with Lucky Bamboo

Have you ever noticed that almost every Asian restaurant has a pot of Lucky Bamboo on their counter? Discover how lucky and easy they are.

Give the Gift of Green

Indoor plants make beautiful (and easy!) gifts for the holiday.

The Exotic Colors of Calathea

Calathea goes by many names -- peacock plant, rattlesnake plant, zebra plant -- an attempt to describe its fantastic leaves.

How to Care for Exotic Angel® Plants

Care for your Exotic Angel® Plants -- we share tips.

Fanciful Fall Foliage

Get big color impact with a fountain of fall color. 

5 Things to Know About Majesty Palms

Enjoy majesty palm in your favorite outdoor space. Check out these tips! 

Houseplants in Vintage Vessels

Vintage style and houseplants go so well together. Discover some great pairings.