Winter Succulent Care

Winter Succulent Care

Winter's low light levels and dry air can be hard on succulents. See how to keep these plants happy. 
The low light levels and drier air of winter can be hard on houseplants, including succulents. Even though these rugged little plants have a natural ability to withstand tough conditions, they still need some extra attention through the winter months. Here are some quick tips to keep them happy.

Find The Sun
Succulents thrive when they receive at least 6 hours of direct sun a day. But during the winter, when sunshine is limited, this can be a challenge. The best thing to do is to group your succulents near the sunniest window in your home. And, be sure to rotate them every few weeks so all parts of the plants are exposed to sunlight. If you don’t have a bright spot, you can also install grow lights over your plants. 

Cut Back Water
Keep your succulents on the dry side throughout the winter. A once-a-month watering is generally all your plants need until spring. Do not add fertilizer to the water.

Watch For Pests
Succulents are generally resistant to insect pests, but during the winter when the air is dry, mealy bugs may attack. Look for small, white, cottony blobs in the nooks and crannies of your plants. Remove them by dabbing each bug with an alcohol-soaked Q-Tip. 

Keep Them Warm
Make sure your succulents are protected from cold drafts near doorways or drafty windows. Although they are able to tolerate cooler temperatures than tropical houseplants, cold blasts of freezing air will still damage them. Remember that most succulent houseplants are not frost tolerant.

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Written by Doug Jimerson