6 Sensational Houseplants that Add Color to Your Home

6 Sensational Houseplants that Add Color to Your Home

Looking for unique houseplants? Try these bold, exotic varieties. 
It’s easy to add color to your home any time of year with exotic, but easy-care houseplants. The right plants will fill your home with a lush, vibrant sense of life and, at the same time, filter harmful chemicals from the air. Learn how houseplants sweep the air clean! 

If you’re not sure where to get started, here are six of our experts’ favorite houseplants. 

Rex Begonia
Colorful Rex begonia varieties are particularly exotic houseplants because many varieties have leaves with a decidedly metallic sheen. A bunch of different types are available that have green, silver, bronze, red, purple, or even black variegation. Some even have interestingly shaped leaves that curl or twist. 

If you’re looking for bold color, you can’t go wrong with croton. This group of exotic houseplants shows off leaves in shades of red, orange, gold, yellow, and purple. Shop around and you’ll find a wide variety of leaf shapes, too – from long and narrow to broad, and even curled and twisted. 

Desert Gems
Cacti don’t get more colorful than Desert Gems. These easy-care houseplants don’t need a lot of water – just once a week or two. Available in saturated shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, and blue, there’s a spot for Desert Gems in practically any home. 
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Nerve Plant
A great plant with a weird name, nerve plant is easy to grow and shows off gorgeous red, pink, or white leaves veined in green. (The common name comes from the fact that the green veins run through the leaves in a nerve-like pattern.) A small houseplant, it’s perfect for terrariums as well as on its own or mixed with other indoor plants.  

Purple Passion
One of the most exotic houseplants around, purple passion (also called velvet plant) has green leaves covered in iridescent purple hairs – giving it a fun texture to feel and an intriguing texture to look at. Often grown in hanging baskets, it’s perfect to grow in a window where you can see the purple hairs glisten in the light. 

Red Aglaonema
One of the easiest houseplants to grow – ever! – red aglaonema features green leaves heavily variegated in shades of red and pink. Able to tolerate just about every indoor condition – from low light to high, red Aglaonema is also wonderfully tolerant when it comes to your watering schedule.

Written by Justin Hancock