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DIY Holiday with Norfolk Island Pine

Use the branches of this soft and supple plant in holiday decor.

Holiday Gifts that Last All Year

If you’re looking for the one-size-fits-all holiday gift, think Norfolk Island pine.

3 Ways to Save $$ with Your Holiday Decor

Use Norfolk Island pines in these surprising (and cost-effective!) ways.

Norfolk Island Pine for the Holidays

11 reasons to use this plucky little tree in your holiday decor.

Lighten Up with Artificial Lights

Offer a sunny day (everyday!) to your indoor plants using grow lights.

Winter Color Warmup

Add color and texture to your porches and patios this winter.

Crotons for the Holidays

Crotons offer unexpected holiday decor options with a tropical twist. 

5 Reasons Why I Love Bromeliads

Bromeliads are stunning tropicals that are ideal for holiday decorating; they offer bold colors, fanciful foliage, and a tough constitution.

5 Reasons Why I Love Poinsettias

Is it even possible to decorate for Christmas without poinsettias? For more than 100 years, these colorful plants have embodied the holid...

5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are the true gems of the holiday season. Blooming in jewel-like colors, these charming little beauties add exotic cheer ...

5 Reasons Why I Love Norfolk Island Pine

This holiday, upgrade your decor with an environmentally appealing holiday tree. It doesn't drop needles and you can love it all year. 

Moving Succulents Indoors for Winter

Most succulents and cacti can't handle frost and should be moved to a protected spot for winter. 

My Houseplants Keep Me Healthy

Discover five ways plants can help keep you from getting sick. 

Winter Succulent Care

Winter's low light levels and dry air can be hard on succulents. See how to keep these plants happy. 

Holiday Naturals: Red-and-Green Houseplants

Red-and-green leafed houseplants make holiday decor easy. 

Santa's Garden Plan

If Santa had a garden, what plants would he grow? (Hint: cool-weather, festive ones...)

Deck the Halls with Ivy

Ivy is a classic plant for the holidays. Its trailing habit, heart-shape leaves, and adaptable personality makes it ideal for centerpiece...

Poinsettias: Fact and Fiction

Poinsettias are a classic holiday plant, but there's a lot of misinformation about these beauties. Get the straight scoop. 

Houseplants Help You Have Healthy Skin

Discover how having houseplants can help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Save Your Tropical Plants in Winter

Tropical plants won’t survive winter outdoors where temperatures freeze. But you can save them. Here’s how. 

The Cacti of the Holidays

Meet the cacti of the winter holidays. Oh, and they come bearing gifts.

Give the Gift of Green

Indoor plants make beautiful (and easy!) gifts for the holiday.

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Norfolk Island Pines are cute, little, and they don't drop needles. 

Long-Blooming Florida Perennials

These five Florida perennials bloom and bloom and bloom.