Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Backyard Garden

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Backyard Garden

Transform your backyard garden into a personal haven with our easy tips.
Looking to transform your backyard garden? Start here! 

Provide a Pop of Color
Because filling your backyard garden with year-round color takes some serious planning, make it easy by starting with small splashes of bold colors. Red, orange, and yellow are classic choices because these shades catch the eye, but you can add in a few plants of your favorite color here and there. 

Just Add Water
A small fountain instantly adds to any backyard garden. You’re sure to love the soft sound of trickling water, as well as the birds and butterflies a water source attracts. Find something that suits you, from a tiny tabletop fountain for your patio to a unit you buy at your local garden center or even a DIY project.

Plant Variegated Varieties
Variegated plants -- those that have streaks, spots, or splashes of other colors in their leaves -- add extra appeal to a space. Whether it’s a perennial (such as hosta), a shrub (red-twig dogwood or ginger), or even a tree (such as a dogwood, maple, or hibiscus), variegated varieties bring a fun splash of color to backyard gardens.

Written by Justin Hancock