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Chrysanthemums Add Fall Style

Get tips for picking the perfect mums, keeping them happy, and designing with them in your yard. 

Color Your Fall Garden

August and September are perfect months to give your garden a much-needed dose of bold color. 

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Plant Perennials

It's fall -- time for apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy. It's also the best time to plant perennials. Here's why.

Add Fall Color with Asters

So many bold colors! Asters are fall favorites for gardeners and butterflies. 

Winter Hibiscus Care Tips

Keep your favorite tropical hibiscus alive in winter -- even if you live in a cold climate.

Mandevilla Care in Winter

Enjoy the beauty of tropical mandevilla even after the snow flies. 

How to Care for Curcuma in Winter

Give your beautiful curcuma plant the right winter care.

Save Your Tropical Plants in Winter

Tropical plants won’t survive winter outdoors where temperatures freeze. But you can save them. Here’s how. 

Road Food for Butterflies

Add nectar-rich plants to your yard to attract and feed migrating butterflies. 

Can Gardening Help You Live Longer?

I’ve always known that the simple act of gardening helps me feel better. Nothing improves my mood better after a tough day at work, for e...

Sprucing Up Your Front Yard Can Make You Money

Doing a little work in your front yard can make your home more valuable.