Decorate for Thanksgiving with Plants

Decorate for Thanksgiving with Plants

Make your table burst with seasonal flair this holiday with houseplants.
Plants are perfect décor for any holiday, but I’m especially fond of using them in the fall. Colorful crotons, magical mums, perky ornamental peppers, and more fit right in with the color and feel of autumn. So be sure to use some plants to transform your holiday table this Thanksgiving.

Not sure where to start? Use these easy tips.

Fall Thanksgiving Table with HouseplantsStep 1: Pick a Focal Point
Select a focal plant to steer your overall look. In autumn, crotons bring exceptional and exotic color in bright yellow, warm gold, glowing orange, rich red, and burgundy purple. Personally, I’m fond of how ‘Petra’ croton brightens the table with its spectacular foliage.

Other outstanding varieties that fit the traditional fall color palette are:
•    Desert Gems colored cacti
•    Earth star
•    Phalaenopsis orchid
•    Prayer plant
•    Purple passion plant
•    Red Aglaonema
•    Rex begonia

Step 2: Go With Fun Containers
A good-looking plant looks nice, but that plant in a special pot moves your display up a notch. If you’re just looking for something temporary, you can use anything that holds soil. But, if you want to keep your plant in a container where it can continue to grow, ensure the vessel has drainage holes so excess water can escape when you add moisture. (Or compromise: Keep your plant in a plastic grower’s pot and set it a seasonal container for your display, then another pot that won’t feel out of date when the holiday passes.)

Step 3: Incorporate Fun Accents
Here’s where your creativity can really come into play! Find interesting supporting characters for your table décor. Here, we added such holiday-themed accents as a turkey vase, a pumpkin-shaped luminaria (planted with ivy), wooden trivets, and pine cones.

Written by Justin Hancock