Dress Up Your Desk with Desert Gems

Dress Up Your Desk with Desert Gems

Get our tips for decorating your desk with beautiful Desert Gems colored cacti. 
We bet Desert Gems are unlike any cacti you’ve ever seen! The intense colors are really eye-catching and ideal for adding bold drama to a bland desk or other space. And because Desert Gems come in a range of colors, you can use them to personalize your space.

For example, use one in your favorite color as a fun living focal point on your desk. (Bonus: While looking good, Desert Gems also help filter indoor air pollution, making your space healthier.)

Or, get a couple of Desert Gems in your school’s colors to show your school pride. Or, pair them to show your enthusiasm for your favorite sports team.

Have a colorful personality? Mix a bunch together to transform a desk from drab to fab.

Wondering how to care for Desert Gems colored cacti? The good news is that it’s easy. They do best in a spot with bright light (the more the better) and love direct sun if they can get it. When it comes to watering, don’t overdo it. In most cases Desert Gems need watering only once every 10 to 14 days. Fertilizing, pruning, and other care really isn’t necessary – just give them good light and don’t water them too much. That’s all it takes to grow and enjoy these beauties!

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Written by Justin Hancock