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Add Color to Your Home with Flowering Houseplants

Flowers are the perfect way to imbue your home with life and color. Here are some of our favorite flowering houseplants. By Justin Hancock

Grow Beautiful Bonsai

Add elegance and style to your home or office with a bonsai. Get our tips and tricks for growing a bonsai of your own!  By Justin Hancock

Elegant Palms for Every Setting

Add easy-care, fantastic foliage to every room! Palms add architectural elegance and leafy lushness -- indoors and out. See our selection...

Travel (Vicariously) to the Tropics

Yearning to hit the road to a tropical locale this winter? Get a plant from an exotic place and enjoy the lush view right now!

Houseplants Make You Healthier

There are many scientifically proven benefits to having plants in your home or office. Learn about some of the ways plants really can imp...

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

If you love houseplants, but occasionally forget to water them, chose varieties that thrive on neglect. Here are ten great indoor plants ...

Caring for Plants with Pebble Mulch

Use these helpful hints for taking care of dish gardens and other plants with fixed rocks.

10 Ways to Celebrate the Earth (at Home)

Here are easy things to do this spring (or anytime) to celebrate and sustain the health of the planet we call home. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

5 Things to Know About Majesty Palms

Enjoy majesty palm in your favorite outdoor space. Check out these tips!

Why Your Apartment Could Use a Houseplant or Two

Make your apartment cozier and healthier with beautiful houseplants. 

Exotic Angel® Plants

Beautiful Exotic Angel® houseplants give you a practically endless palette of pretty plants to decorate your favorite indoor spaces with.

8 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

Get through a long, hard winter with these easy tips for adding a touch of the tropics to your home.

A Guide to Growing Majesty Palms Indoors

Use our guide to growing majesty palm indoors. We’ll ensure your palm has a long, happy life in your home or office. By Debra Cespedes