Orchids Will Grow on You

Orchids Will Grow on You

Think orchids are just for those with green thumbs and garden aprons filled with gadgets and secret instructions?
Do you think gorgeous orchids are limited to gardeners who rave about their green thumbs and have garden aprons filled with gadgets and bookshelves full of gardening books? Good news. You can think again. Phalaenopsis orchids are for everyone who wants to enjoy their beautiful and long-lasting flowers.

Despite their tricky reputation, keeping orchids can actually be quite easy. They like the same conditions you do in your home -- comfortable temperatures and bright, but not glaring sun all day. Phalaenopsis are, in particular, perfect for you if you're just starting out with orchids (or are always on the run and forget about your houseplants). There's nothing like the beauty of a Phalaenopsis orchid to add elegance to the decor in your home or office. 

Phalaenopsis orchids are perfect Mothers Day gifts, as well as ideal for giving on birthdays, house warming parties, or for teacher gifts. These gorgeous plants have flowers that last bloom for weeks, or even months if they're in a bright spot. 

Here are a couple of no-fail tips to grow gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchids that are sure to delight you with months of blooms.

Watering. It's best to hold off adding more water until the bark or moss has dried out. Too much water is actually the most common cause of Phalaenopsis orchid death. Though how frequently you water depends on factors such as light, temperature, and humidity, a general guideline to start with is once every seven to 10 days.

Light. Don't grow your orchid in more than a couple of hours of direct sun. These tropical rain forest natives are used to filtered light through the leaves of trees. So grow Phalaenopsis orchids in a well-lit area shielded from direct afternoon sun. One good general rule is the minimum amount of light your Phalaenopsis orchid needs is a level that allows you to read a book most of the day without having to turn on extra lighting. 

In addition to looking great, Phalaenopsis orchids add fresh oxygen to a room. They're also ideal natural air filters as they scrub indoor air of common VOCs and other pollutants. 

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Written by Doug Jimerson