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Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Orchids

Long-lasting and exotic, orchids are ideal gifts. Plus, they offer beautiful ways to add color and life to your home. Here are easy ways ...

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Leafy and flowering houseplants inspired the distinctive style of vintage bark cloth.

Best Plants for Offices

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My Reblooming Orchid

When my orchid sends out a new stem filled with buds, it's an unexpected gift. 

Orchids Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

Orchids are perfect Valentine's Day gifts. Learn why -- and how to keep them thriving.

7 Ways Moth Orchids Help You Win

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Orchids Are Perfect for Mother’s Day

A beautiful orchid may just be the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Plant a Party

Create a lush, colorful centerpiece that pulls double-duty as party favors. 

Orchids Will Grow on You

Think orchids are just for those with green thumbs and garden aprons filled with gadgets and secret instructions?

10 Garden Myths Debunked

Here are 10 things about gardening that just aren't true. By Doug Jimerson

Buy Plants Through the Mail

You buy everything online (clothes, shoes, phone chargers, sofas, your favorite coffee beans), but did you know that you can also buy pla...

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Is your moth orchid done blooming? It's time to repot! By Karen Weir-Jimerson

A Shopper's Guide to Buying Orchids

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What’s Your Plant Personality?

Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Mantén Tus Orquídeas Saludables

Orquídeas estan increíbles plantas con flores hermosas y son sumamente fáciles de mantener.