Orchids Are Perfect for Mother’s Day

Orchids Are Perfect for Mother’s Day

A beautiful orchid may just be the perfect Mother's Day gift.
1. Orchids Last Longer than Roses
Cut flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift and it’s easy to see why: Flowers are perfect for brightening someone’s day. The downside to fresh cut flowers is that most only last a week or two. Phalaenopsis orchids stay in bloom for weeks.

2. Orchids Are Easy
I hate to say it, but some houseplants aren’t easy to care for. Phalaenopsis orchids, however, are. They’re not nearly as fussy as they look. Orchids thrive in average household conditions (light and temperature), and when it comes to watering, once every week or two usually does the job. 

3. Orchids Are Beautiful
Orchids offer the kind of colorful beauty (some might say more!) that cut flowers do. You can get phalaenopsis orchids in just about every color, from pure white to soft pink, dazzling purple, warm yellow, and apricot orange. Some orchids even have multicolor flowers! 

4. Orchids Are Affordable
It wasn’t long ago that orchids were plants for fancy collectors. And some types of orchids still are. But easy-care phalaenopsis orchids are readily available and inexpensive if you get them from a local home improvement center or mass merchandiser. 

5. Orchids Make You Look Good
Because orchids have a sense of style and sophistication, they make you look stylish and sophisticated for giving them. After all, to give such a great gift, you must have great taste!

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Written by Justin Hancock