Happy Valentine’s Day To Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day To Me!

6 ways to treat yourself on the day of love.

Valentine’s Day celebrates relationships. But one of the most important relationships you can have is the one with yourself. So while you are honoring the ones you love in your life, start out with a little self-love gift: a blooming or colorful plant. A plant will brighten this short day in mid February as well as being a beautiful way to recognize that all great relationships start with a positive relationship with yourself. In short: you deserve it.

So here’s what you do: Head over to your local garden center to find a beautiful assortment of gift plants. Breathe in the earthy air (aren’t rooms filled with plants so emotionally uplifting?) and pick out your favorite blooms. Here are 6 colorful gifts (and where to find them).

1. Anthurium
Cheery and exotic, anthurium features glossy, green leaves that are topped by heart-shaped, long-lasting red blooms (called spaths).
Where to Shop: Home Depot, Lowe's

Bromeliads bear colorful, long-lasting blooms that last for weeks, sometimes months. This sturdy plant can be moved outdoors when the weather warms.
Where to Shop: Home Depot

3. Calathea
Calathea are like a kaleidoscope of color in leaf form. These easy-care houseplants make a colorful centerpiece or room focal point.
Where to Shop: Walmart

4. Red Aglaonema
Red Aglaonema shows off dark green leaves that are elegantly flushed with bright red or pink. Its colorful foliage makes colorful aglaonema a perfect home-decor accent.
Where to Shop: Walmart

5. Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe is as gorgeous as a bouquet of fresh flowers, but lasts so much longer. This succulent is so easy care, requiring only occasional watering.
Where to Shop: Lowe's

One of the most elegant of flowers, orchids are also deceptively easy to care for. Their flowers last for months. Oh, and then they bloom again.
Where to Shop: Home Depot, Lowe's 

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson