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Happy Valentine’s Day To Me!

6 ways to treat yourself on the day of love.

3 Flower/Foliage Combos for Sunny Spots

Sun-loving annual and tropical flowers and foliage offer a colorful options for containers.

Eco-Friendly Choices on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day every day with sustainable gardening choices. See how.

Starting or Expanding A Garden

Dream big (but start out small) is good gardening advice. Consider these 7 things before you dig in.

Brighten Up Shady Spots with Foliage and Flowers

Flowers, foliage, tropicals -- see what you can grow in the shade. 

5 Ways to Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens

Brighten up with these early-spring planting tips! Spring is just around the corner.

Horticultural Therapy

How do you deal with stress? Try gardening.

The Nutritious Miracle of Compost

Compost adds natural nutrients to garden soil, which grows more lush and beautiful plants without chemicals. 

The 5 Rs of Spring Houseplant Care

Are your houseplants as tired of winter as the rest of us are? If so, here are five easy tips about how you can give your plants a fresh ...

5 Reasons to Love Hibiscus

Big showy flowers are the number one reason people swoon over hibiscus. But there are more reasons to plant this beauty.

6 Reasons to Love Salvias

There are so many reasons to grow salvias. See six!

Can Gardening Help You Live Longer?

Gardening is good for your health!

Top Plants from Our Trials

We test more than 500 varieties of brand-new plants in our Miami, Florida, Trial Garden. See which did the best! 

Long-Blooming Florida Perennials

These five Florida perennials bloom and bloom and bloom.

Small Ornamental Grasses

Small grasses, such as mondo, liriope, and blue fescue add color and texture to landscapes. 

Shade Loving Perennials for Spring Color

Transform wooded or shady spots in your backyard into a festival of spring flowers by tucking early-bird perennials into every bare corner.

Get Big Color in Sun or Shade with Coleus

Coleus is one of my favorite plants.

Two Tips for Spring

Enjoy these two tips for making the most of your spring garden.

Sprucing Up Your Front Yard Can Make You Money

Doing a little work in your front yard can make your home more valuable.

In Praise of Green

Green in the garden changes the tone, dialing down the volume to a gentle melody.

Container Gardening Magic

Have you ever noticed that gardening is contagious? How if one person in a neighborhood fixes up their landscape it doesn’t take long for...

It's Hibiscus Time!

Our beautiful hibiscus have started shipping.

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Backyard Garden

Transform your backyard garden into a personal haven with our easy tips.

A Fantastic and Fragrant Phlox for Spring

Did you know there's a great perennial phlox for shade?