7 Ways Moth Orchids Help You Win

7 Ways Moth Orchids Help You Win

Moth orchids do a whole lot more for you than just look pretty on your desk. Check out seven benefits to growing beautiful orchids!
Lot of folks don’t think of easy-care moth orchids as houseplants, but with the right care, these plants can be long-lived companions, bringing weeks or even months of beauty every year. Here are seven reasons to enjoy a moth orchid or two as a houseplant. 

Moth Orchids Make You Look Stylish
Few plants offer the style and sophistication of a beautiful orchid in bloom. Whether on your desk at work or at home, an orchid adds class and pizzazz. 

Moth Orchids Can Bring You Confidence with Plants
Despite their exotic appearance, moth orchids are actually wonderfully easy to grow and make a great starter plant if you’ve not had great luck with houseplants in the past. Simply keep it in a medium-bright spot (where you can read comfortably without having to turn on extra light) and water it once every 10 to 14 days. If you’d like to give it a little orchid fertilizer in spring and summer to help promote more blooms, feel free! And that’s it -- orchids are that easy.

Moth Orchids Can Help Your Love Life
Give a moth orchid to someone special to show how much you care. An elegant gift, orchids last a lot longer than cut flowers, so it makes you look more thoughtful. If your significant other (or hope-to-be significant other!) loves chocolate, add in a little of that for extra firepower. 

Moth Orchids Can Help You Advance at Work
Keep a moth orchid at work and reap the benefits. Scientific studies show that simply being around plants can help lower our stress levels, so you can stay more cool, calm, and collected when you’re facing that heavy deadline. Other scientific research suggests having plants around at work can help improve memory and creativity, so that moth orchid might help you do your job better. 
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Orchids Can Help Keep You Healthier
As they breathe, moth orchids remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. The result? You’re taking in fresher air free of xylene, a common pollutant in paint, air fresheners, ink, and adhesives. 

Moth Orchids Can Help You Look Better
If the air is dry in your home or office, moth orchid and other houseplants can help. It slowly releases moisture into the air as part of its natural breathing process, so moth orchid can help reduce dry, flaky skin and chapped lips in the winter. 
Bonus: The extra moisture in the air can also help prevent as many times you suffer from coughs, colds, and sore throats. 

Moth Orchids Can Make You Happier
Because that moth orchid cuts down on your stress and anxiety levels, you can feel more happy and relaxed. In fact, some researchers have found a link between having plants around and increased mood, self-esteem, and happiness.

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Written by Justin Hancock