The Many Faces of Indoor Begonias

The Many Faces of Indoor Begonias

The Trending Tropicals® Collection offers so many colorful and collectible begonia options.  
What’s new in the Trending Tropicals® Collection? Begonias!

These colorful and collectible indoor plants can brighten up your outdoor spaces all summer long.

Costa Farms' Plant Hunter Mike Rimland (see a live Q&A interview!) combs the Earth in his travels, looking for new and unique varieties of begonias.

You’ll see the fruits of his travels in the selection of begonias that show up in the Trending Tropicals® collection.

Here’s a preview of what will be appearing in your local garden centers.

Begonias offer such textural and colorful leaves. They are ideal for stacking on a shelf to show off their beautiful leaves. They love shaded locations such as screened porches.

Begonias offers a wide range of colors and patterns. Their exotic look belies how easy begonias are to grow. See 5 more reasons to love this plant.

The short stature of begonias make them ideal options for table tops.

The interesting leaf patterns and colors make begonias one of the most collectible plants They are like snowflakes: different, unique, and beautiful. Most begonias bear leaves boldly variegated with shades of silver, pink, purple, red, or bronze.

Begonias also produce dainty flowers! You may find them hiding under the large leaves. 

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson