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Houseplant Design Tips for Every Space

Stunning Centerpieces If you're looking to create a captivating table centerpiece, living houseplants infuse natural beauty into your dé...

Silver Streak Pothos: New, Rare, Beautiful

Silver accented leaves are all the rage. Meet the newest member of this elite group. 

Cobra Monstera: Ticking All the Boxes

Cobra is a new (and rare) monstera that offers irregular creamy variegation and a trailing growth habit.

Elevate Your Space

Express yourself with unusual (and photogenic) houseplants.

Grow Plants for a Healthier Life

Can indoor plants help you work, think, and feel better? Absolutely!

Are You a Plant Collector?

Costa Farms offers a collectible selection of interesting and unusual houseplants.

Bring Nature Indoors (with Houseplants)

See how raising indoor plants helps you become more in tune with nature.

The Secret Tip for Keeping Geo Healthy

This sturdy leafed plant has a care quirk: It’s thirstier than it looks.

The "It" Plants: Geo vs Fiddleleaf Fig

The new “It” plant discusses fame with the old “It” plant.

Geo: The New "It" Plant

The New York Times has decreed: Geogenanthus (aka Geo) is the new “It” plant.

New!! Green Shield Schismatoglottis

If you love big leaves and dramatic variegation, you may have found a new favorite houseplant.

A Growing Obsession

Meet a houseplant lover whose collection has grown to nearly 200 plants.

Mother Plants: Our Secret to Propagation Success

Mother plants are exactly what they sound like—they are the actual mother of the plants that we grow for you.

Eco-Friendly Choices on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day every day with sustainable gardening choices. See how.

Turn Up the Texture in your Houseplant Collection

Create beautiful textural contrast by adding a few of these curvy-leafed beauties.

Monstera Thai Constellation Update

We share an update on our work to propagate Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' at scale.

About Plant Patents

It can be confusing to see a plant tag say "propagation prohibited." Learn more about plant patents and why tags have to say this. 

7 Valentine's Day Houseplants You Can Buy Online

Buy beautiful houseplants online for every special day in your life. 

Trending Tropicals® Introductions for 2022

Love colorful indoor plants? Costa Farms’ premium houseplants collection gets a boost of big bold colors.

How to Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

On January 10 each year, plant aficionados celebrate their love for their houseplants. 

4 Hot Houseplant Trends for 2022

See what's trending in the houseplant world for the coming year.

Yikes Stripes! Houseplants with Striped Leaves

Do you like the color patterning of zebras, seersucker, and candy canes? Then you are a stripe-o-phile (a fan of stripes).

Leaves with a Silver Lining

Houseplants with silvery sheen and veins add glow and flash to your foliage collection.

Trending Tradescantias

Inch plant has some interesting relatives. Meet the stripe-y, colorful, furry, and fun members of the clan.