The "It" Plants: Geo vs Fiddleleaf Fig

The "It" Plants: Geo vs Fiddleleaf Fig

The new “It” plant discusses fame with the old “It” plant.
The New York Times declared Geo the new “It” plant for 2022. (Read the article here.)

See what Fiddle Leaf fig (the former “It” plant) has to say about that.

GEO: Psst! Guess who got a nice little mention in the New York Times? Oh wait, it was a whole article. Yep, little old Geo. Looks like I’m the new “It Plant.” Ouch! That has got to hurt, being the big decorator go-to plant for all those years. But every plant has its day, I suppose.

FIDDLE LEAF: Well, aren’t you adorable. And by adorable, I mean short. What a cute little guy you are. Maybe I’ll interview you as a sidekick if I ever need one. I’ll have my people contact your people. Wait, you have people, right? Being so new…

GEO: Is it my shiny thick, purple brown leaves? Is it my low-growing moundy form? They say I’m unique. Like something plant collectors have never seen before. In fact, I’m the first new houseplant genus introduction in years. Plant Hunter Mike Rimland found me in, well, he can’t say. It’s a secret.

FIDDLE LEAF: I can sort of see your appeal in a room. Glossy leaves are cool, and I do love the new color, but really, nothing beats the classic good looks of green leaves. Big leaves, big fiddle-shaped leaves.

GEO: I’m more than just a new fresh face on the block (although the Times did make that Timothee Chalamet comparison…).

FIDDLE LEAF: Oh, I must confess that being the It Plant is so darn fun. I’ve held that title for so long, it was kinda getting boring. I mean, I’ve been everywhere. You’ve seen me in lots of high profile places: design magazines, home shows, Megan Markle’s living room.

GEO: I guess you know I won the “Best New Foliage” at the Tropical Plant International Expo last year. International, baby. Not that I’m a bragger. I’m just reporting facts.

FIDDLE LEAF: Did I mention that I’m in Megan Markle’s living room? Yes, I see your leaves are big, but they are so far down and I can’t really see them from this height. What with you being so short. Best new foliage? Well, we’ll see about that…

GEO: Looks like I’m in the spotlight now, my friend, so hope you like that dimly lit back corner.

 FIDDLE LEAF: No worries, my little friend. I’m going to be around for a long, long time.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson