5 Surprising Plant Picks for the New Year

5 Surprising Plant Picks for the New Year

Spice up your plant collection with these surprising newcomers.
Is your New Year’s resolution to become more creative with your plant collection? Here’s a lineup of some relatively new plant introductions that may not yet be on your radar -- all from the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals® collection. These beauties will bring a whole new plant vibe to your home. Plants are shown from left to right. 

Holey Leaves!
Little Swiss Monstera
This adorable monstera has all the beauty and quirks of its larger cousin (heart-shape leaves with big Swiss Cheese holes), but in a mini, more tabletop-suited size. Plus, it vines -- and you’ll love how it tendrils over the side of a bookshelf.
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Intricate Variegation
Network Calathea
If you are a calathea fan, you probably already know why this species is so special. Rorschach-test-pattern leaves make eye-catching focal points. Network is a new variety that offers chartreuse-and-green leaves. Place it on a side table so you can observe it up close. The variegation is subtle, yet fascinating.
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Dots, Dots, Dots! 
Polka Dot Begonia 
A Brazilian native, Polka Dot begonia (Begonia maculata) offers large, wing-shape leaves generously marked with bold silver spots sprinkled over a dark green background.
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Dark Hues
Raven® ZZ
The shiny dark leaves of this ZZ plant have been sending plant collectors into a tizzy over the past couple years. For good reason. ZZ plants are absolutely the easiest plants to grow. And the chocolate-color leaves of this beauty makes Raven® ZZ a stunning focal point plant or a great mixer with green houseplants.
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A Sliver of Silver
Sterling Silver Scindapsus
This fantastic vine features dark green leaves accented with a silvery sheen. It's a close relative to pothos, so you know it’s easy to grow. Sterling Silver (Scindapsus treubii 'Moonlight') looks beautiful in a white or silver pot which heightens the sheen.
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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson