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Exotic Angel Plants

DIY Together - Lush Ladder

Add plants to small space in your bathroom with this super-easy project. We show you how!

9 Reasons to Use Snake Plants in Outdoor Containers

Snake plants might not be the first plant you consider for summer containers. Oh, but you should!

Turn Up the Texture in your Houseplant Collection

Create beautiful textural contrast by adding a few of these curvy-leafed beauties.

How to Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

On January 10 each year, plant aficionados celebrate their love for their houseplants. 

4 Hot Houseplant Trends for 2022

See what's trending in the houseplant world for the coming year.

How to Use Indicator Plants

Have you ever forgotten to water a houseplant? An indicator plant in your collection might be the solution.

Do Houseplants Go Dormant in Winter?

Not exactly. Discover how to help your houseplants weather winter indoors.

Yikes Stripes! Houseplants with Striped Leaves

Do you like the color patterning of zebras, seersucker, and candy canes? Then you are a stripe-o-phile (a fan of stripes).

Small to Tall: A Trio of Sculptural Snake Plants

Snake Plants offer a wide variety of colors, leaf shapes, and heights that are fun to combine.

Leaves with a Silver Lining

Houseplants with silvery sheen and veins add glow and flash to your foliage collection.

Trending Tradescantias

Inch plant has some interesting relatives. Meet the stripe-y, colorful, furry, and fun members of the clan.

Stunning Syngoniums

Easy-care Sygonium are pothos and philodendron relatives that offer a wide range of colors and are an outstanding choice for first-time p...

Reach for the Gold: 10 Plants with Yellow Variegation

Add stylish golden touches to your home with these variegated houseplant varieties. 

Snake Plants for Every Decor

This popular, easy-care plant comes in many heights and colors. See the wonderful range of options for your home.

Discovering the Different Types of Hoyas

Hoyas come in a variety of leaf types and growth habits. See the options.

5 Tips for Raising Healthy Hoyas

Are you a hoya fan? Discover these 5 easy ways to keep your hoyas in top shape (and even make them bloom!)

Brighten Up with Sterling Silver Scindapsus

The applause, acclaim, and adoration for Sterling Silver scindapsus is heating up social media platforms. See why!

5 Surprising Plant Picks for the New Year

Spice up your plant collection with these surprising newcomers.

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Discover these 5 easy tips for growing healthy and happy philodendrons.

5 Easy Tips for Dracaena Care

Keep your dracaenas in top shape by doing these 5 things. 

Crotons for the Holidays

Crotons offer unexpected holiday decor options with a tropical twist. 

Norfolk Island Pine Offers Easy Holiday Decor

Your holiday plan just got easier with these 3 words: Norfolk Island Pine. 

Best Plants for Dining Rooms

Enjoy an evergreen centerpiece on your dining room table year round. 

Green Up Your Home Office

Are you working from home? Add a leafy office mate to your work area.