9 Reasons to Use Snake Plants in Outdoor Containers

9 Reasons to Use Snake Plants in Outdoor Containers

Snake plants might not be the first plant you consider for summer containers. Oh, but you should!
Reliable, easy to grow, and exuding a personality all their own, snake plants might not be the first plant you consider for your summer containers. Here’s why they deserve a spot outdoors in your summer pots:

1. Snake Plants LOVE Hot Weather
Originally hailing from Africa, this houseplant can easily weather any amount of heat and humidity that summer can throw at it.

2. Snake Plants are Super Sturdy
Snake plant leaves are thick and flexible, so that they can withstand a summer rainstorm or a burst of wind without shredding or folding.

3. Snake Plants Tolerate Different Light Amounts
Full sun, partial sun, even light shade: snake plants thrive happily in all types of sunlight. That means you can use snake plants on your shaded patio or in the blazing sun right by the pool.

4. Snake Plants Stand Tall
Some varieties of snake plants can reach heights of 4 to 5 feet tall, which makes them ideal for big splashy summer containers. They will always hold their heads high above the other plants in the pot.

5. Snake Plants Also Come in Shorter Versions
But they also come in other sizes – from petite 6-inch types to mid-size beauties. No matter what size of container planting, a snake plant can snug right in.

6. Snake Plants Are Colorful
They offer eye-catching variegation with yellow, white, or cream stripes. And their leaf coloration ranges from deep dappled green to glowy green gray.

7. Snake Plants Look Like No Other Plant
Their unique overall form, growth habit, leaf rigidity, and stripe-y color palette makes snake plants look like no other type of plant.

8. Snake Plants Are Easy Keepers
These plants aren’t fussy. They tolerate drier conditions. The only thing they hate is for their roots to sit in water. As long as they are planted in a container that drains well, snake plants will do well outdoors in rain or shine.

9. Snake Plants Can Rejoin You Indoors
And at the end of summer, you can repot your snake plant into a container and bring it indoors. It can live happily indoors until next summer, where you can use it in another planter for the summer.

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson