Perfect Plants for Kitchens

Perfect Plants for Kitchens

Your kitchen is a place where family and friends gravitate. Adding the right plants makes it more inviting.
The heart of any home or apartment, your kitchen is a place where family and friends gravitate. That also makes it a wonderful place to grow houseplants, especially those varieties that might need a bit more attention from you to keep them in top form. You’ll be more likely to notice  a thirsty or sick plant if it’s growing right in front of you instead of being tucked away in a back bedroom or bath. 

Of course, not all kitchens are alike. Some have big sunny windows while other galley-style arrangements may not have any natural light at all. But, because they are all high-traffic locations, you can push the envelope on the kinds of plants you choose.. Check out our list of interesting selections for kitchens with varying light levels.

Plants for dark kitchens
If your kitchen receives little to no natural light, look for shade-loving varieties such as snake plant, philodendron, ZZ plant, Chinese evergreen, or pothos. All of them are super easy to grow and don’t mind dim conditions. Other low-light plants that might need a bit more attention include peace lily, Rex begonia, pilea, orchid, calathea, selaginella moss, and ferns.
Plants for bright kitchens
Probably the majority of houseplants prefer bright, indirect light. That’s why if your kitchen has an east- or west-facing window you have the biggest selection of plants to choose from. Some top picks for these kitchens include lucky bamboo, china doll, money tree, lipstick plant, peperomia, dracaena, hoya, ficus, arrowhead vine, and Madagascar dragon tree. Additional options that you can play with include flame violet, Teddy bear vine, dragon’s tongue, nerve plant, and creeping fig.

Plants for sunny kitchens
Many people are surprised to learn that some houseplants hate the sun, but in the wild, these species evolved to grow in the shadows under a leafy canopy of trees. So, if you have a kitchen with unobstructed, south-facing windows, you’ll need to select plants that are natural sun-worshippers. Good choices include yucca cane, jade plant, croton, aloe vera, ponytail palm, succulents, schefflera, and cactus. Sun-lovers that might need a bit more attention include ti plant, tropical hibiscus, and sago palm.


Written by Doug Jimerson