Norfolk Island Pine Offers Easy Holiday Decor

Norfolk Island Pine Offers Easy Holiday Decor

Your holiday plan just got easier with these 3 words: Norfolk Island Pine. 
Your holiday plans just got easier with these three words: Norfolk Island Pine.

If you’re taking it a little easy this holiday season, here are eight reasons why Norfolk Island Pine should be part of your holiday plans. If you've never owned this plant before, see our Norfolk Island Pine shopping guide.

1. Norfolk Island Pine provides instant holiday decor. 
Small Norfolk Island Pines can infuse a dining room table, mantle, or front entryway with holiday cheer. Drop them in a red or white container (like above). Done! See these holiday decor ideas. 

2. Norfolk Island Pine is the perfect holiday tree.
Add a couple of little ornaments to your Norfolk Island Pine and it looks like a Christmas tree. (Here’s an easy solution: Use earrings!!)

3. Norfolk Island Pines are cool and contemporary. 
The little tree-like shape of the Norfolk Island Pine imparts a fresh modern aesthetic that compliments homes with minimalist decor. Think Scandinavian farmhouse. Or Midcentury Modern loft. 

4. Norfolk Island Pines make affordable gifts.
Plants are a great value. Buy them once, enjoy them for years.

5. Plants introduce living things to your home. 
Sharing your living space improves your mood, enhances your productivity, and keeps you connected to nature. Learn more about Norfolk Island Pine's background.

6. Norfolk Island Pine needs average light, so you probably have that.
This plant thrives in sunny spots as well as those with indirect light. The only spot a Norfolk Island Pine doesn’t do well in is low light.

7. You don’t have to water it a lot.
Norfolk Island Pines aren’t excessively thirsty. Here’s how to tell when your plant needs watering. But don’t let this plant go bone dry -- that’s a deal breaker.

8. Norfolk Island Pine looks great with other holiday plants. 
Mix Norfolk Island Pine with other holiday plants for a little live greenery foil. It looks fabulous with the dark. leathery flowers of anthurium, the colorful leaves of  red aglaonemas, and the chartreuse foliage of golden pothos. Norfolk Island Pine is also a nice mixer with orchids and ivies.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson