Reach for the Gold: 10 Plants with Yellow Variegation

Reach for the Gold: 10 Plants with Yellow Variegation

Add stylish golden touches to your home with these variegated houseplant varieties. 
Variegated plants, those that have two or more colors in their leaves, are like getting a two-for-one sale item. You get a beautiful plant, plus a bonus of golden accents. Here are 10 of the most beautiful houseplants with yellow variegation.

1. Golden Pothos
Add lavish gold highlights to your decor with golden pothos. This easy-care plant (one of the easiest!) bears medium green, heart-shaped leaves that are streaked with golden-yellow variegation. 

2. Bromeliad
Variegated guzmania bromeliads will infuse any room with a hint of the tropics. These cousins to your favorite fruit, the pineapple, feature long strappy leaves with white, cream, or golden-yellow stripes.

3. Variegated Snake Plant
 If you love snake plants (oh, so many decorating options), try the gold-accented Gold Hahnii. This compact variety has light green leaves edged in gold. 

4. Gold Star Croton 
Gold Star croton has two interesting features: gold color that is splashed through the leaves like a constellation of stars. Enjoy Gold Star indoors all winter, then move it to the patio in summer. So versatile. 

5. Gold Baby English Ivy
If you are a fan of English ivy as a houseplant and thrill to gold variegation, get the whole package with Gold Baby. This small ivy sports green leaves edged in golden yellow.
Get tips for growing ivy indoors! 

6. Lauren's Lace English Ivy 
 Another beautiful gold-touched ivy is Lauren's Lace. The ruffled leaves of this trailing beauty are frosted with golden-yellow edges. 

7. Golden Goddess Philodendron
 If you are looking for a centerpiece plant for your collection, add Golden Goddess philodendron to the mix. This climbing houseplant features bold golden chartreuse foliage.
Tip: Like many golden tropicals, the brighter the light, the better the leaf color will be. In lower light levels, it tends to be more light green than golden. 

8. Sparkles Dieffenbachia
Spots of gold decorate the leaves of Sparkles dieffenbachia. The light green leaves are also splotched with dark green and white. 

9. Lemon Lime Dracaena 
 A showstopper indoors, especially as it matures and gains size, Lemon Lime Dracaena sports dark green leaves brilliantly edged in golden-yellow. If you want even more color, look for its sister, Limelight, which features leaves that are entirely chartreuse. 

10. Walmsley's Variegated Aloe 
 This adorable little succulent has light green variegated leaves kissed with golden-cream. Grow indoors in bright light. Walmsley's Variegated aloe grows 12 inches tall. 

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson