Trending Tropicals® Collection: Shingle Plant

Trending Tropicals® Collection: Shingle Plant

These unique climber offers overlapping leaves that flatten tight against a surface.
I got my first houseplant when I was 7 (a philodendron cutting), and I’ve had houseplants ever since.

Then followed the high school years (baby tears), the college years (palms), the puppy years (hanging plants), the kid years (carnivorous plants). 

I’ve gone through houseplant stages (hello, terrariums!) and developed favorites (I’ve never met a snake plant I didn’t like). 

So if you're a houseplant lover like I am, you get very excited when you see a plant you’ve never grown before.

So I was very intrigued when I first saw the shingle plant (Rhaphidophora hayi). Tell me more!

Shingle plant is a climbing plant -- but has a distinctive growth method. As it grows upwards, shingle plant produces aerial roots along its stem that grab onto a vertical surface.

Unlike other climbers with aerial roots, such as ivies, shingle plants’ leaves flatten against a surface, overlapping each other like shingles on a roof -- hence its common name.  

To grow shingle plant in a pot, it needs a flat porous support that acts like a solid trellis. That’s why we grow it with its own cedar support plank on which to climb.

This new plant, part of the Trending Tropicals® collection, is now part of my own plant collection.

Because of its unusual growth habit, this plant would be a great one for kids.

Plus, it’s an easy keeper. Read how to care for a shingle plant here.

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson