New!! Green Shield Schismatoglottis

New!! Green Shield Schismatoglottis

If you love big leaves and dramatic variegation, you may have found a new favorite houseplant.
Schismatoglottis. It's a mouthful of syllables. But you can simply call this showy new plant by an easier-to-pronounce common name: Green Shield (phew!).

Green Shield Schismatoglottis (Schismatoglottis wallichii) is a plant you’ll love, and it may check all your boxes:

Big leaves? Check.
Silver variegation? Check.
Easy-care? Check.

You may not have heard of Schismatoglottis before, but take note. This tropical genus has about 100 species that range in size and leaf shape. The majority of Schismatoglottis are from Malaysia.

To save you the stress of hiking up a mountain and dangling over the edge in an attempt to pocket a seedling (oh, which is also illegal), our Plant Hunter Mike Rimland has saved you the trouble. He located Green Shield the legal way in Southeast Asia. Then Costa Farms did research and growing trials to make sure Green Shield would grow happily in your home. And it will.

Green-Arrow-SchismatoglottisHorticulturist Justin Hancock added Green Shield to his houseplant collection because of its big leaves. “They can reach a good foot long,” says Justin. “I like the size and texture,” he says. “Unlike your traditional pothos or dracaena, the can be so large.” And they complement other plants. Oh and the color. “They have a chevron of variegation,” he says.

Plant Hunter Mike Rimland has a mature version of Green Shield that stands about 2½ feet tall. It’s a beauty. It is easy care, but requires consistent watering. “It’s a very thirsty plant. Like a spathiphyllum,” he says. “So make sure to water this plant well.” Mike warns that if you forget to water, the plant may lose lower leaves and take from 5 to 10 days to fully recover. So set a reminder on your calendar to water!

Costa Farms fans are getting a sneak peek at this new plant. It’s not in garden centers yet, because we just don’t have enough plants to fill demand everywhere. So we are offering our first crop to online shoppers. This new member of the Trending Tropicals® collection is available now. Click here to buy online.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson