Trending Tropicals®: Meet Little Swiss Monstera

Trending Tropicals®: Meet Little Swiss Monstera

When it comes to plant names, you couldn’t do much better than Little Swiss monstera. Leaves are finely cut with Swiss cheese-like holes.
When it comes to plant names, you couldn’t do much better than Little Swiss monstera. After all, this exciting new introduction to our Trending Tropicals® collection sports gorgeous, finely cut leaves, each one different from the next in a Swiss cheese-like pattern. It almost looks like someone used scissors to create a living art project. 

Little Swiss Monstera Facts
One of our most popular new introductions, Little Swiss (Monstera adansonii) has a vining habit, much like its larger cousins. When young Little Swiss forms a tight clump of cut foliage, but over time the stems will begin to stretch upwards. The bright green foliage looks great in any setting. 

Little Swiss Monstera Care
Little Swiss monstera prefers bright, indirect light (although it can tolerate some direct sun when grown indoors). It also doesn’t like to be parched so water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. But, avoid overdoing it!  These happy little plants don’t like sitting in constantly wet soil either. As the plants begin to vine, you can do one of two things. Either prune them back to keep them in a tight mound, or embrace the plant’s desire to climb and train it onto a moss covered stake or pole.

Little Swiss Monstera Use
Even when Little Swiss monstera starts to vine, it won’t take over your living room. These easy care plants rarely grow over 6 feet tall so they’re perfect if you want a leafy backdrop in a living room or dining room corner.

To keep your plants in top form, feed them once or twice in the spring and summer with a liquid houseplant fertilizer. Little Swiss monstera is also an air-purifying plant that will help remove toxins from your home.

Written by Doug Jimerson